Barb Royal: Changing the World One Birthday at a Time

If you run into Barb Royal on the Grand Strand, you might find her taking her kids to their sporting events, volunteering for Coastal Montessori Charter School, or relaxing in her Eno on the inlet. From 9-5, you’ll find her passionately pep talking her startup team of web developers, designers, and marketing gurus, while jetting off to meet with new Kids Can Give Too, Inc. partners and product users.

Kids Can Give Too, Inc. was started on the Grand Strand about three years ago, and closed a round of seed funding just last year. According to Barb, Kids Can Give Too, Inc. was founded to solve a few different problems.

The first problem that Barb wanted to solve:

Kids often get too much stuff on their birthdays that don’t necessarily carry much meaning or value to them.

“When my son, Nate, had a birthday one year, he got three pairs of Incredible Hulk Hands. Packing up the party, I was putting away three of the same toys along with a huge pile of other toys that I wasn’t sure he would play with for very long. I thought that there had to be a less wasteful way to do kids’ birthdays,” she says.

The second problem:

Parents struggle to find relevant opportunities for their kids to show off their giving hearts. 

Barb Royal was an elementary school teacher for 20 years, and one of her favorite things to do was surprise her kids with opportunities to give. She learned from her time teaching that kids actually LOVE to extend kindness and charity to the community around them.

Connecting these two challenges, Barb began to think up ways that kids could use their birthday as an opportunity to be a hero for local charities.

“The truth is that all charities need cash, but with most charity birthday parties that I have been too, the kid doesn’t get anything at all. That didn’t seem like the best option for me,” says Barb.

Enter Kids Can Give Too, Inc! This online service makes it easy for kids to split their birthday gifts with the charity of their choice. Parents register their child’s birthday party and choose a charity. KCGT creates a secure, custom invitation link that is sent to party guests. Guests are asked to RSVP and make a secure online donation, instead of bringing a wrapped gift. After the party, the gifts are split between the child and the chosen charity. The child receives their portion on a Visa Gift card and the charity gets a check. This gives the kids an opportunity to choose who they want to support and ask their loved ones to join them. It also gives them the opportunity to go out and buy that one thing that they really want! KCGT hasn’t stopped solving problems for parents yet! This birthday party service also makes it way easier for parents to plan, invite, and manage their kids’ birthday parties on one online platform. The invites, RSVPs, gift donations, and thank you notes are all managed on Kids Can Give Too!

“I am a mom of three, and my kids are all in different sports and activities. Birthday parties can often require a great deal of added stress. KCGT was designed to create a seamless experience throughout the entire birthday party process,” says Barb.

By focusing on the technology, the KCGT team is committed to making a service that not only makes for great giving opportunities which help local charities, but is also a tool for families everywhere to make life a little less complicated!

Where are they going next? Barb replies, “We have recently realized that this same technology is also something that birthday party venues want to be able to offer their customers, and we are now getting ready to kick off a pilot product in a handful of venues to learn how we can best serve every key player in the entire birthday party process!”

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Original article in VIP Magazine.