Recent CCU grad develops dashboard that changes hotel management

Cory Shaw moved to Myrtle Beach when he was young, and graduated from Myrtle Beach High School.  After looking at colleges and receiving offers from USC and Clemson, he decided to attend CCU... because he just didn't want to leave the beach!  

While at CCU he worked as a web programmer for the university and was nominated for GS Tech Council's Student Innovator of the Year Award in 2013.  While still in that student worker position, he independently developed CCU's outdoor recreation rental & reservation system.

When Fuel learned about what he had done for CCU Recreation, they hired him and gave him his first project:  

Create a dashboard for their clients to be able to see all of their moving parts at once.  This meant that he would have to connect SEO, Social Reputation, and Web Analytics with the Revenue per Available Room, Check-in/out system, and Property Management systems.  

Cory did more than that though.  He created user management, so that managers are able to set custom access to information for different employees (depending on their department of responsibility).  He also has a personal favorite feature: 

"My favorite part of the dashboard is the ability to compare social media data over two different periods of time.  You can compare two date ranges to see how many likes you received on your Facebook page, how many followers you gained on Twitter/Instagram/etc., and any other social engagement."

It launched about one year ago, and about 50 hotels have access to it now. 

"Right now it is branded for hotels, but in the future we are trying to make it more dynamic specifically for the client that is logging in, whether it is a restaurant or a retail store."

Cory has had this project on his mind since his first month out of college.

"It was overwhelming at first, to say the least." He mentioned before going into a redesign that he already has planned for the booking engine part of the dashboard.

Looking at his success in just two short years, it is no doubt that Fuel is a great place for him to thrive in Myrtle Beach. When asked about the work environment, he replied, "It's not your typical office space.  You aren't designated to a desk. Everyone kind of makes their own space."  The environment and the people are his favorite things about his job.

His drive for seeing Myrtle Beach thrive runs deep in his work, and fosters out in the ocean.

"I love living at the beach. I surf whenever there are waves."

When asked what he wanted the upcoming tech talent to know about working in this community, he responded without hesitation.

"This area has a ton of potential.  Students at CCU assume that they have to leave because they can't make a living here, but that isn't true.  There is a growing startup culture, and the beauty of our work is that we can do it from anywhere.  We aren't tied to an office in a specific location.  That makes Myrtle Beach a great option for living!"

Interested in learning more about Fuel?  Attend the next TechConnect Seminar!