Our mission is to promote our vibrant local technology community, to support local businesses and government organizations with their technology needs, and to enhance the local science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education offered in our area.



Transforming Communities. Enhancing Lives.

Dr. John Sanders founded the Grand Strand Technology Council in 2007. He has been involved and started tech councils since the late 80’s, spanning the regions of Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland, and more prominently the Greater Washington DC Technology Council. Included in his efforts of developing a tech presence in Washington DC was his service as the Chairman and CEO of TechNews, Inc. - a newspaper for leaders in the tech industry that was sold to the Washington Post in 1996.

in 2015, he hired Jason Greene as president and the entire GS Tech Council went through a rebrand.  Now GSTC has six vibrant initiatives that serve our local schools, businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to make a difference with technology. Check out www.gstechcouncil.org to learn more.